What will we get – 2,3,4 years from now?

I do not plan any daylily crosses (yet). I let the pollinators do their thing, harvest the seeds, store them in envelopes, plant those after stratification, see what germinates, plant those in different sections of the garden, and wait. I am in year four, waiting. No blooms yet. But I am patient.

So far this year I have 32 seeds from what the pollinators accomplished on the Just Plum Happy daylilies, with about half the pods harvested. There are also pods on other daylilies – the South Seas, the Marque Moon, and the Hush Little Baby.

I collect them separately, store them in envelopes, and label the source, but no telling what we’ll get. Just for fun, for now. Maybe in future years at the little house with the big yard up north I will try my hand at crosses.

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