Bears and berries

At the little house we are retiring to up north, we have a bear that has been seen walking through the woods behind our neighborhood.

Over 15 years ago my Dad gave me an alpine currant bush. It got too big for my gardening area close to the house, and we needed a shrub for the garden between the garages, so I transplanted it. It did fabulously. The birds absolutely loved it. We loved it there. And we don’t have bears there, that we know of, pretty sure. Coyotes yes, but not bears.

Recently the alpine currant was removed as part of an association-wide initiative. All the shrubs between the garages were pulled and replaced with asphalt. I was bummed, but it was getting woody. It was probably going to need replacement within a few years anyway. As an experiment, I took some alpine currant rootings, and I planted them up north. They are doing really well.

Bears like berries. The alpine currant produces berries in abundance. Not thinking about bears, I planted the alpine currant pretty close to the house. Oops! It might be time to move the alpine currant.

If I put it at the back of the yard that could work. Dare I start another garden area out there?