The last of the 2021 daylily seeds

The last of the 2021 daylily seeds came from one of the Marque Moon daylilies. These, like our other seeds, were not intentionally crossed. They were purely the work of our local pollinators. 1 pod, 4 seeds.

I have never had Marque Moon seeds germinate. These also look a bit iffy, but I will try. If the seeds are viable, and the seedlings survive, in 3-4 years we will see what they accomplished 😉

These will go into our “rookery” at the little house up north. See

South Seas seeds 2021

4 years ago I harvested some pollinator created seeds from our 1 South Seas daylily. We have a very healthy set of green leaves from that harvest. No blooms yet. But I am patient. Maybe it needs a change of venue. Maybe it is waiting for me to retire. It’s a mystery.

This year we got one pod, with five seeds from the South Seas daylily.

I think those seeds, if they germinate, will have to do their plant production up in the little house garden, to the right of their 10 friends – pollinator creations from the Purple D’Oro daylilies.

But that is for next year. Sleep well, seeds.