The Big Lake (Lake Superior)

There is no lake for me like the Big Lake (Lake Superior). She is so majestic, and her personalities are awe inspiring. Some days her water looks like diamonds. Some days she is deep blue. Some days she has striations. Some day days she is angry, and crashes up on the shore with awe inspiring power. She carries huge ships with unbelievable weight in cargo. The ship’s honks can be heard at various ports – long, strong sounds of greeting.

I grew up knowing Lake Michigan. I have been to the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and lakes all over the U.S. and Europe and nothing quite awes me like Lake Superior. I can’t get her out of my system. I feel so much joy when we reach our first view of her, and I crane my neck until I can’t see her anymore when we leave.

On this day she was exceptionally beautiful and the clouds were agreeing. There is an island on the shore of Lake Superior at Grand Marais. I cannot tell you how many times we have been on the shore at Grand Marais – 40? 50? Every once in a while we traverse the island. Entering is like going into an ancient forest. It is dense. And then you come out at the lake again, with a view back to Grand Marais. It is so stunning, and awe inspiring. The rocks ARE ancient – some of the oldest in the world.

Here’s a few pics I caught of her that day.

Afterward we stopped for a couple donuts (again, incredible!) and then stopped at the co-op to get our favorite – dark chocolate covered almonds. 1 pound. Being reasonable – hahaha!

Then up the Gunflint Trail we went. But that share is for another day.

A Dog’s Delight

Our little dog Sandy, is 11 years old. For the almost 10 of those years we have had him, he did not have any interest in seeing what was outside a vehicle window while the vehicle was in motion. But he is getting to be quite adventurous. Lately he’s been testing the idea. He likes 20-30 miles per hour. Perfect for days when he accompanies us on our trips getting “lost” on this trail and that. He prefers if we keep one hand still on him while he gives his photo ops.